Diesel Power Generators

Diesel Power Generators

Diesel power generators can provide a number of key benefits for your business. If your business operates in Southern California cities, such as Anaheim, Bakersfield, Chula Vista and Huntington Beach, CA, you can rely on leading material handling equipment supplier Yale Chase for top-quality new and used diesel power generators.

Diesel Power Generators Offer Maximum Safety

An important benefit provided by diesel power generators is they allow for safe operation. Unlike other fuel sources, such as gas or propane, diesel does not produce sparks that could potentially lead to fires. Diesel is not an explosive fuel, so you can safely store extra fuel supplies for your generator. Emissions from diesel engines are also less toxic when compared to those of gasoline engines.

Diesel Power Generators Can Save You Money

In a time where cutting costs without cutting corners is essential to business survival in cities like Irvine, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oxnard, diesel power generators offer a way to save money without sacrificing performance. Diesel equipment products generally burn less than half the amount of fuel as their gas counterparts, meaning you’ll need to purchase less fuel. Diesel also burns more efficiently, so you’ll be able to produce more energy when compared to the same volume of gasoline or propane.

Ease of Maintenance

Diesel power generators are also easier to maintain. They contain fewer parts than gasoline generators and can operate longer between routine maintenance checkups. Less maintenance results in greater cost savings for your business.

Diesel Power Generators Last Longer

Diesel power generators are built to last. The same technology that allows some motor vehicles to provide up to 1,000,000 miles of reliable service also applies to your diesel generator, meaning you’ll enjoy years of top-notch performance before you need to replace it. The best pieces of equipment are ones that you never have to think about because they provide the important advantage of trouble-free service. Such is the case with diesel power generators.

Yale Chase is Your Source for Reliable Diesel Power Generators in Southern California

If you operate in cities such as Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego or Santa Ana, CA, you’re not far from a Yale Chase location. In addition to offering top-performing new and used generators, we offer a wide assortment of replacement parts should you ever need them. We also can provide same-day rentals in many cases, as well as prompt and efficient maintenance and service.