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GSL First Class with Class One



Fred Johring, President of Golden State Logistics and of Golden State Express, Inc. prides himself in being a good corporate citizen and ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental issues.


When GSL moved to a new larger facility in Rancho Dominguez last year they completely retrofit their new warehouse with high efficiency T8 florescent lighting, and engaged in an aggressive recycling program.


They were on the front line of the Clean Truck Program with 90% of their over the road fleet compliant by January 1, when the Port had their new rules in place.


 And, they had replaced their forklift fleet to meet CARB compliant regulations.  They started with new Yale GLC060VX , 6,000 lb. capacity  LP lift trucks and then ordered two Yale ERC050VGN, 5,000 lb. capacity Electric lifts. 


But Hector Fernandez, Warehouse Manager, admits he did not want Electric forklifts.

He liked his Internal Combustion lifts, was used to them and very resistant to changing what worked.  So I was surprised that after having them for a couple of weeks he told me how much he loved the new electric forklifts.  Hector said that he was very surprised how easy it is to maintain them with the Deka battery and opportunity charger that allows them to plug in the unit at lunch time and get a full days use out of it.  When I asked what else he liked about these Yale electric lifts besides the super fast charging ability he said the turning radius, the ease of handling, the faster smoother lift and lower without acceleration were just some of the reasons he and his crew preferred the electrics to the I.C. units. 


By the way, CARB representatives have already made a surprise visit to Golden State to check on compliance …. No fines here they are Clean and Green.

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